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Weight Loss Injection Costs

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Weight Loss Injection Costs

When most people speak about weight loss injections they are referring to HCg injections given as part of an extremely low calorie weight loss Hcg diet devised by Dr. ATW Simeons during the 1950s. The therapy behind the diet is that HCG a liptropic fat burning injection will help to burn excess fat and result in fast weight loss. These injections are said to be only legal and safe when prescribed by a physician and taken under his care. HCG shots are referred to by a number of different names including: Lip injections, fat burning injections, gonadotropin injections, and lipotropic injections.

People who are considering the HCG diet most often ask the question what is does these fat burning injection cost? The fact is that most sites talking about the HCG diet are reluctant to mention the actual Lipotropic injections costs and for a very good reason.

First of all, these weight loss shots varying in price depending on the doctor, the location you receive treatment and other variables. Most insurance companies don’t cover gonadotropin injection costs although a few companies will if the shot are part of an overall physician supervised and recommended weight loss plan. The cost of weight loss injections may run as little as $5.00 to $20.00 dollars at the low end, but the average cost seems to be around $40.00.

Many people think that they can do the HCG diet on their own and will illegally use HCG drops instead of the injections and try and follow the low calorie diet. However, these Illegal HCG drops may actually be dangerous and may not even contain HCG. In addition, the diet itself is extremely strict and your calorie intake is way below the recommended amount of calories needed to maintain proper nutrition making it essential that you only attempt this diet if it is closely supervised by a licensed physician who can monitor not only your weight loss, but your health as well.

Do Weight Loss Injections Actually Work?

While HCG injections are approved by the FDA for infertility the FDA does state that is no proof that these injections have any effect on weight loss, however many in the medical community believe that there is plenty of evidence to show that the HCG injections and diet do work pointing out that the diet has been showing phenomenal results for almost 70 years. They do caution however, that you not be fooled by weight loss plans that use drops or other types of HCG supplements, since these supplements are not effective and and may actually lack any type of HCG.

Do keep in mind that these injections and this diet is not for everyone and is actually recommended for people who are obese and whose health may be in jeopardy if weight loss is not achieved quickly. If you feel the HCG diet and injections are right for you, then seek out a qualified physician that offers this type of weight loss diet and is dedicated to supervising the diet during the weight loss process.