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Chorionic Gonadotropin For Males

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Chorionic Gonadotropin For Males

Since most people know that that HCG is known as the pregnancy hormone many men find themselves wondering if taking Chorionic Gonadotropin for men is even a possibility. The simple truth is that Gonadotropin for men is used both to help produce testosterone and increase sperm for fertility needs and for helping obese men achieve weight loss.

Although the FDA has endorsed HCG for weight loss in either men or women, many studies and testimonials have suggested that using HCG for weight loss is actually highly effective when done under the supervision of a doctor that understands the hormone and how it works. In fact, several people in the medical community have noticed when they give men HCG injections whether for fertility reasons or weight loss the following tends to occur:

  • The Gonadotropin injections for men increases muscle mass- which is why some body builders combine these injections with steroids.
  • There tends to be a loss of body fat- Isn’t lowering body fat while maintaining muscle mass the end goal of most diets?
  • The HCG injections helps to improve bone density
  • There is an increase in energy- more energy means you are more eager to be active, which in and of itself can lead to some weight loss.
  • Reduces appetite- Feeling satisfied while consuming less calories aids in weight loss and helps to most people stay on a healthy diet.

As you can see most of the observations doctors have noticed in men taking HCG injections tends to give evidence that these injections are helpful to those who are trying to lose weight. When Chorionic Gonadotropin injections for men are combined with a low calorie diet then weight loss tends to be fast and significant.

How Long Should Gonadotropin Injections for Men Be Given

The length of time HCG injections are given to men will depend a great deal on the reasons the men are taking the injections. If they are taking the injections to increase their testosterone then injections may be needed for several months. On a supervised HCG diet of either 3 or 6 weeks, you take the injections daily and then do a 4 week maintenance diet to allow your body to stabilize. Then if you still have more weight to lose you can go for another 3 to 6 week round. Keep in mind that men who have a 100 pounds of fat or more to lose, there may be two, three, or four rounds of the HCG diet to go through in order to shed all of the excess fat.

It does take the HCG injections a few days to begin to kick in and although the scales may show you are losing weight within a few days on this diet, it does take about 2 weeks before other people start to notice the weight loss.

Before starting the HCG or any other diet and getting HCG injections speak with you physician regarding the diet and get a complete physical to make sure the diet is right and healthy for you.