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93-24 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, NY 11374

93-24 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, NY 11374

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HcG for Men

Human chorionic Gonadotropin for Men for Weight Loss

For men and women looking to lose weight, particularly for fat loss effects, the Human chorionic Gonadotropin (HcG) diet is for you. For both men and women who are looking to increase fat loss, the goal of this hormone diet is to decrease fat stores while maintaining muscle mass. With the HcG hormone diet ultimately we are looking for significant fat loss but we are also looking to help people increase overall energy production (going to the gym, etc.) Obesity is a well known and documented cause of testosterone deficiency in men. The HcG diet can help normalize testosterone levels in men. Men who have normal testosterone levels will tend to lead happier healthier more active lives. HcG is a hormone that has long been used for fertility purposes to increase testosterone levels in men. Most people are not aware that whether you are a woman or a male this diet works equally as well, although men will lose a little more weight compared to women. The Human chorionic Gonadotropin hormone diet may have mild side effects such as mild constipation, headaches and decreased energy levels. However, most men and women complain of little to no side effects.

Increase Testosterone for Better Production

The HcG diet may lead to the production of higher energy levels due to the fact that HcG significantly increases testosterone levels. This is why HcG is also used for male fertility problems to increase testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels lead to decreased energy levels, decreased muscle mass, low libido, and can lead to weight gain. The typical effects of the HcG diet we see in our weight loss office, for both men and women, is the production of higher energy levels after completion of the HcG hormone diet. The HcG hormone injections for males is ideal for men looking to lose unwanted fat stores, especially stubborn belly fat. The HcG diet has little to no side effects and with quick easy weight loss results is an excellent weight loss option. This diet can help men and women regain happier, healthier, more active lifestyles.