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HCG Diet Tips

HCG Diet Tips

Success on the HCG diet depends a great deal on how well you stick to the diet protocol. With the calories you consume being so restrictive sticking to the diet itself can be extremely difficult for some people. Learning a few simple tips for the HCG diet can help you to be more successful on this diet. Here are some quick and easy HCG diet tips.

General HCG Diet Tips

These general tips will help you to keep to the acceptable foods for this diet in the right amount and allow you to become less bored when on this restrictive diet.

  • Get a Diet Partner- studies have shown that diets work best when you share the ups and downs with someone else who is going through the same general experience. Even if your partner is not following the exact same diet sharing experiences and cheering one another on can be a huge help in keeping you on track.
  • Pre- prepare a week’s worth of meat in advance- By pre-preparing an entire week’s worth of meat at one time, will help to limit your time in the kitchen and keep you away from temptation. It will also help to keep you from sneaking in a few extra grams of meat on those days when you are feeling hunger. Simply cut all visible fat from the meat and measure out the 100 gram portions and then freeze each portion in a separate zip lock.
  • Keep HCG approved meat and vegetable stock on hand (or make your own) for quick meals without going beyond your diet.
  • Stock up on HCG or “pure” Stevia for when you have a desire for sweets.
  • Stock up on HCG diet approved foods and reduce the amount of unacceptable foods as much as possible to help you avoid temptation. If you live alone you can remove all unacceptable foods, but if you are feeding a family who is not on the HCG diet, this may be a bit more difficult.
  • Spice up Your Food- Even if you are not feeling hungry bland food can leave you feeling unsatisfied. Using spices to improve the taste of the food you can eat will help you to feel more satisfied with eat and help you stick to the diet better.

HCG Diet Tips for Hunger

While many people don’t feel hunger pangs on the HCG diet at least after the first few days, a few people may find that still feel hungry and be tempted to eat unapproved foods or proportions. Here are a few tips that will help you to avoid that HCG diet hunger.

  • Place a slice or two of lemon in your water when feeling hungry and drink one or two large glasses of water. This helps you to feel full and also helps you meet the water requirements of this diet.
  • Avoid the Kitchen as Much as Possible- There is an old adage about being out of site and out of mind. By avoiding the kitchen as much as possible you won’t be as tempted to feel hungry as you will if you spend large quantities of time where the food is stored.

While no amount of helpful tips can help keep you on track if you really want to cheat on diet, these tips will help those of you who want to stay strong accomplish that goal.