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Results Of The HCG Diet

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Results Of The HCG Diet

If you are looking for a fast, effective way to lose weight then you are going to want to compare the Results of the HCG diet and Lipotropic injection results.

For starters if you are going to compare results then you need to compare the results people experience when on the HCG diet and those who combine some type of diet plan with the lipotropic injection results.

HCG injections vs. Lipotropic Injections

According to proponents of the HCG diet, HCG injections only work to help you lose weight when combined with the HCG diet. On the other hand proponents of lipotropic injections claim that while you will see better results when combine lipotropic injections with a healthy weight loss plan and exercise they do state that you will see some weight loss with the lipotropic injections alone.

When it comes to results most studies and reviews certainly shows that you will see better weight loss results on the HCG diet than you will on a diet that includes Lipotropic injections. However, there are some differences in the HCG diet itself and those diet plans people use with lipotropic injections including:

  • The HCG diet is an extremely reduced calorie diet with people being advised that should be consuming about 500 calories a day to get the best results. The HCG is said to release fat to be used as your body’s fuels preventing you from going into starvation mode or losing muscle mass.
  • Diets people follow with lipotropic injections usually allow people to consume more calories such as 1200 to 1400 hundred calorie diet. By consuming more calories Lipotropic injection diets will result in slower weight loss than the HCG diet.
  • Both HCG and Lipotropic injections require a doctors prescription and both of these diets should only be attempted under the supervision of a physician. This allows you to get the very best results from the diets while having a medical expert to help reduce any risk of negative effects.

HCG Diet Results Photos

If you want a clear indication of how effective an HCG diet can be then simply do a search for HCG diet results photos. The photos will speak for themselves showing just how effective this diet can be. While some of these photos only show before and after photos others actually show a series of photos to show weight loss over time so you feel like you watching the pounds melt off. Since photos are worth a 1000 words you will have a clear idea of the actual results some people experience when using the HCG diet.

Do keep in mind that not every diet is right for everyone and you should talk to your doctor regarding what diet is best for you taking into account your medical history, what medications you take and your risk of disease by being obese. Follow his or her advice as they are only ones who have your complete medical history and can decide whether any one diet is safe for you.