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93-24 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, NY 11374

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How Much Weight Can You Lose

How Much Weight Can You Lose on The HcG Diet?

When it comes to how much weight you can lose on the HcG weight loss diet, results vary from person to person. Typically, men lose between 30-40 pounds in 6 weeks and women lose between 25-30 pounds. The amount of weight you will typically lose will also depend on how over weight you happen to be. If for example, a person needs to lose 100 lbs than the individual who has more weight to lose will usually lose more weight on the HcG diet. This would also hold true for any other diet program. Each week every weight loss participant on the HcG diet will do an in-body analysis which will show your weight loss for the week. This in-body machine will give you an exact breakdown of how much fat, water, and muscle you lost on the program. Our goal is for each person to lose abnormal belly fat and visceral fats and maintain muscle mass. We are able to assess this each week using the in-body weight loss machine in our office. We are more concerned with overall fat loss, not simply overall weight loss.

The HcG Diet

Each day while on the HcG diet patients will need to go on the scale first thing in the morning. Each day patients will eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack (usually an apple or orange) and drink 64 oz of water each day while on the diet. People on the HcG diet will lose between half a pound to one pound each day. The majority of the weight loss is from stubborn belly fat and the unhealthy fats that lead to disease processes in the body. Each day we help more and more of our Queens and NYC neighbors lose weight and avoid unnecessary obesity related diseases. We offer a 3 week diet program and a 6 week HcG diet program. We are open 5 days a week to accommodate our patients busy lives and work schedules.